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The Pest Company recommend you to use a qualified bed bug control specialist in Royston to help you rid of bed bugs immediately.

The Pest Company use our own bed bugs control specialist team within the Royston area. We would need to access certain areas such as headboards, bed linen, skirting boards, fixed cupboards. Usually after the treatment is completed there should be no admittance for 4 hours.

Bed bugs are small insects which can be found more often in the bedrooms. They are wingless pests which can easily move from one place to another. They can be found in clothes, luggage or somewhere else around the room. They feed themselves at nights when you are sleeping. If they cannot find anybody in bed they tend to move to different places which include at most bed frames, cracks and crevices around the room.

Bed bugs bite you while you are sleeping and then some irritation can appear. In some other cases you can have a sleepless and painful night and even swelling can appear on your body.

If you have bed bugs in your bed for a few weeks, your body can become sensitive to their saliva which can lead to some mild or intense allergic reactions.

Hatchling bed bugs or those who just newly emerged ones are of the size of a poppy seed and adults are about ¼ of an inch. They usually flattened out from top to bottom and have an oval shape if you look at them from above. They can be different in colour from nearly white or completely moulting to having a light tan or dark brown or may have a colour of burnt orange. The host’ s blood in bed bugs can appear inside their bodies as something dark red or black. Rid your Royston home now !!

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