Bedbugs Redhill

Bed bugs were once thought of as a problem for establishments such as hotels, care homes or guesthouses, however, they are becoming increasingly common and you are now just as likely to suffer with a bed bug infestation in your own home. The Pest Company offers a quick and discreet service to deal with your bed bug problem in Redhill and the surrounding areas.

Bed bugs are small nocturnal insects that feed on the blood of humans causing small bite marks and sometimes skin infections.

Newly hatched nymphs are translucent and lighter in colour than the adults and pass through several stages before reaching adulthood. At each stage of their life cycle they require a blood feed from the host (you or your family) before progressing to the next stage.

Bed bugs are difficult to eradicate completely so at the first sign of a bed bug infestation in the Redhill area you should contact us on 0808 155 2770.

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