Bird Proof Durham

In Durham the health risks that birds pose to humans has long been understood, recent and on-going news events are resulting in a much greater public awareness. This situation combined with the structural damage that bird droppings cause through their corrosive action and their tendency to accumulate and block drains means now is the time to deal with these problems in an economical and effective manner.

The Pest Company staff are fully trained and highly motivated. We specialise in bird proofing and control across Durham. Over many years we have developed a loyal customer base and a strong reputation throughout Durham for quality Bird Proofing. We regularly carry out Bird Proofing work in Durham for both the public and private sector on structures including railway stations, bridges, tower blocks, retail facilities, museums, churches, schools and industrial plants.

The Pest Company are an exceptionally capable bird proof company in Durham. So if you are looking for a specialised bird proof company based in Durham please call us on for a no obligation free quote on

To contact, call us on 07375 554760 or email us on

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