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We are The Pest Company in Cambridge. We are providing bird control service for almost 20 years. We are totally committed to delivering the very highest standard of service to all of our clients, and genuinely believe that size should not be a factor in determining the level at which this is provided that is local bird control company Cambridge. We believe that whether we are delivering a one-off project or ongoing contract work that our clients should receive the very best level of care from qualified personnel who actually know their subject. We have developed and implemented management systems compliant with internationally recognised standards in Quality, Environmental Management and Health & Safety. Our approach to customer care is transparent and delivered using the simple truth that the customer is always right that is local bird control company Cambridge.

Getting the right advice to control a pest bird infestation from the start is essential. As a local pest control specialist we’re here to help. You’ll find our prices extremely competitive and our service is second to none. Based on a personal, but highly professional approach, we are committed to customer care. If you suspect that you have some uninvited guests living in your property, it’s important to get the situation under control before the problem becomes unbearable. Thus we can help you by removing bird completely from your house or office that is local bird Control Company Cambridge.

Why you need to choose us?

  • Our professionals will use techniques which will prevent damage and exposure to you, your employees, your family and pets.
  • They will advise you on how to ensure that there is no reoccurrence of pest bird in your property and provide a written report of control that is local bird control company Cambridge.
  • A professional technician will know the species of your pest bird problem from experience. After inspecting your property they will find the extent and cause of your pest bird problem fast that is local bird control company Cambridge.
  • Our highly trained personnel have the bird control training and certification to use all the most effective and efficient controlled substances permissible that is local bird control company Cambridge.
  • They can safely administer the most suitable procedure for eliminating your pest bird problem.

Our pest control services are:

  • Exclusion
  • Nest and roost removal
  • Flock dispersal

Humane and effective measures of pigeon eviction: We have a variety of bird control techniques involving habitat modification, bird exclusion including netting, bird spikes, shock tape, visual and ultrasonic scare devices, and even lethal pigeon control. We have performed work on outdoor malls, parking structures, single-family homes, and commercial buildings.

Integrated bird repellent system: The integrated Bird Repellent System is most successful and fully safe for human. It is an eco-friendly solution for bird’s problem in the Industry. For expert’s recommendation to control birds in your industry, warehouse, go down, property or building.

Call us for the service.

To contact, call us on 07375 064317 or email us on richardmiles@thepestcompany.com.

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