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Welcome to the Pest Company. From prevention and protection to removal and elimination of unwanted bird no job is too large or small. Our qualified, local technicians are on call 7 days a week throughout Chelmsford to keep your home and business protected from pest bird that is local bird control company Chelmsford.

We have a wide customer base, from domestic households to estates, from schools and have acquired many loyal and satisfied customers and contract clients that is local bird control company Chelmsford.


Why you should choose a professional pest control company?

  • Our professionals will use techniques which will prevent damage and exposure to you, your employees, your family and pets.
  • They will advise you on how to ensure that there is no reoccurrence of pest bird in your property and provide a written report of control that is local bird control company Chelmsford.
  • A professional technician will know the species of your pest bird problem from experience. After inspecting your property they will find the extent and cause of your pest bird problem fast.
  • Our highly trained personnel have the bird control training and certification to use all the most effective and efficient controlled substances permissible that is local bird control company Chelmsford.
  • They can safely administer the most suitable procedure for eliminating your pest bird problem.

Some common bird pests in Chelmsford:

Geese: Geese can be especially tricky to get rid of, since they will hiss at anyone that comes near their babies or nesting area. Dealing with water fowl can be complicated, and oftentimes it requires a customized solution.

Woodpeckers: Woodpeckers are known for drilling into trees with their beaks in search of food or to communicate with others. These birds are easily identified by their stouts, sharp beaks, and backward-pointed toes, which allow them to cling to various surfaces while pecking. Chelmsford is a home to various types of woodpeckers, and the northern flicker tends to be the most common. Woodpeckers love to drum on wooden siding, metal or plastic gutters, chimney caps, and light posts because these materials produce loud noises.

Pigeons: They are easy to recognize by their gray-blue feathers and their familiar “cooing” sounds. Due to the high acid content in their bird droppings, pigeons pose a large sanitary risk to commercial buildings and family homes.

Diseases caused by pest bird:

Salmonellosis : The bacteria of this disease can be found in bird droppings, and the dust from the droppings can be sucked through your home’s air conditioner or ventilator. This can contaminate food and cooking surfaces in your home.

Histoplasmosis – This disease originates from a fungus that grows on dried bird droppings. When it comes in contact with humans, it can lead to a respiratory disease that can be fatal.

Some o our bird control services are:

  • Exclusion
  • Structural modification
  • Nest and roost removal
  • Roost decontamination
  • Flock dispersal

So, call us for the service.

To contact, call us on 0800 0834 383 or email us on darrin@thepestcompany.com.

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