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Based in Farnham, we are one of the best bird controlling companies. We have a reputation for high-quality services that are tailored to your exact requirements. Whether you need to remove pest bird, our pest control teams provide fast and efficient control service that is local bird control company Farnham.

Our highly trained operators have access to a wide range of different pest bird control solutions and a specialised laboratory to help us diagnose those really rare pest birds that occasionally pop up and give us on the spot advice if we need it that is local bird control company Farnham. When we work for you, you can relax because you and your loved ones are totally protected.

Everything our experienced and friendly operators do for you is insured and guaranteed that is local bird control company Farnham. We’ve had the pleasure of helping thousands of customers in our area with their bird control problems that is local bird control company Farnham.

Why you should remove bird from your property?

Birds are an important part of natural environment, but unwanted pest birds can result in wildlife nuisance problems. The nuisance birds can be very difficult to handle .The main reason is droppings. Not only are bird droppings extremely unsightly and difficult to remove, they also contain a large number of pathogens that are dangerous to human health. Bird droppings are filled with spores and bacteria that can pose a serious risk to human health.

Some of the transmissible disease caused by birds such as house sparrow, pigeons are:

  1. Salmonellosis: Salmonellosis is also called as food poisoning. The bacteria of this disease can be found in bird droppings, and the dust from the droppings can be sucked through your home’s air conditioner or ventilator. This can contaminate food and cooking surfaces in your home.
  2. Histoplasmosis – This disease originates from a fungus that grows on dried bird droppings. When it comes in contact with humans, it can lead to a respiratory disease that can be fatal.

The Pest Company has almost 20 years of experience in bird controlling. The pest bird not only causes food poisoning disease or respiratory disease, their droppings and nest can also damage a huge property.

Choose us because:

  • Our technicians approach each case with care and create an individualized plan for each pest bird issue.
  • Nuisance birds can create health and property damage problems.
  • We utilize the most humane methods for controlling pest birds.
  • We provide removal and deterrent methods.
  • Our treatment plan works.
  • Our technicians are always careful of children, pets, and non-target animals.

Domestic and commercial bird proofing service: The big secret to controlling birds is to deny them places to land and nest on your property. Another method to controlling birds is to trap the birds that are roosting, but a bird control expert will be able to help you decipher the best method of action.

So, call us for the service today.

To contact, call us on 0800 1300 434 or email us on timgreen@thepestcompany.com.

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