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At The Pest Company our aim is to provide the customer with environmentally friendly effective & safe bird control. We use the most up to date licensed professional use only chemical where required if a non toxic approach is not possible that is local bird control company Sevenoaks. We are a Sevenoaks based company but cover quite a large area. Some of the area covered includes Farnham, Oxted, Southend, Basildon, and York. Whether it’s domestic or commercial premises we cover both. You will also find our rates are extremely competitive compared to other larger company that is local bird control company Sevenoaks. If you do not see your area covered above please call us to discuss. We may still be able to help by putting you in touch with another insect controller that is local bird control company Sevenoaks.

All our pest bird control solutions are safe and reliable. When we remove bird we will make all possible efforts to ensure that the bird will not resurface in the future that is local bird control company Sevenoaks. We are happy to be part of the local community and to offer our services to the local that is local bird control company Sevenoaks. The combination of the local knowledge and the professional bird control service is our secret ingredient that we are considered one of the leading bird control company that is local bird control company Sevenoaks.

Why is it important to seek bird control for your property?

Birds can cause a variety of damage to your property. Their droppings are unsightly and can cause damage to car paintwork. They also contribute to noise pollution and can be highly disruptive when on the roof of your property. Other pest problems can also be caused by a bird infestation as they are known carriers of fleas, mites and other small insects such as carpet beetles.

There are a few measures that you can take to stop the likelihood of birds nesting or settling on your property. Ensuring that you remove all bird feeders and baths from your property is a start. Removing these food and water sources can make your property less appealing to settle on.

The services we offer:

  • Integrated bird repellent system: The integrated Bird Repellent System is most successful and fully safe for human. It is an eco-friendly solution for bird’s problem in the Industry. For expert’s recommendation to control birds in your industry, warehouse, go down, property or building.


Bird netting: We can alternatively install bird which will prevent birds from reaching the infested areas completely. These can also be used to help prevent crops from being damaged by pigeons or wild birds.

Our pest bird control experts use eco-friendly and pet-safe practices to ensure the health and safety of everyone on your property.

 So, if you are looking for a reliable bird control company, you can call us for the service.

To contact, call us on 0808 155 2770 or email us on sales@thepestcompany.com.

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