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The pest company are insect control business that operates in Durham and its surrounding areas. Our company have years of combined experience in pest industry from domestic to commercial areas that is local Insect control company Durham. If you have any indications of any insect problems it is always best to consult a professional for several reasons, here are some of the many reasons including; reducing the likely chance of pests returning in the future, danger from stings if a wasp nest is treated without adequate knowledge. Therefore using trained personnel to carry out the insect control reduces the chance of any associated risks that is local Insect control company Durham.

There are many different insects in Durham that is local insect control company Durham. They cause us a problem in our homes and businesses including wasps, clothes moth, bedbugs, fleas plus much more. At some point most home owners will experience insect problem of some kind, from ants to wasps. The pest company can help you by removing all of them. Our highly trained and discreet technicians will help solve whatever insect problem you’re dealing with swiftly, effectively and affordably that is local insect control company Durham. The pest company professionals can control many insects and can provide you with solutions to help prevent them in the future that is local insect control company Durham. We are passionate about the environment and that’s why our fully qualified technicians will ensure that all treatments carried out are safe to do so. We have professionally trained a technician who can control insect safely, legally and very effectively that is local insect control company Durham.

Some of our pest control services include:

Rat and mice control: Rats and Mice are persistent pests. Once they gain entry into your premises or home they may spread diseases, cause damage to property, and contaminate food.

Mole control: We can help you setup or supply you with mole traps in any locations affected by moles. Moles can leave unsightly holes in the ground.

Bed bug control: There are many insects that invade your premises and home. We treat ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, flies and other insects. Treatments are different for each insect or bug. Some insects such as bed bugs or fleas can cause irritation by biting humans and animals.

Bee control: Once you have determined whether you are dealing with bees or wasps, the next thing to do is locate the nest. It’s important to do this before you call the pest company, because if you don’t have at least a general idea of where it is, it may be that it is not actually on your property in which case it may not be possible for the pest control technicians to do anything about it when they arrive.

To knock out the insects completely from your home our pest management team will do whatever it takes to tackle the insect infestation at your place.

To contact, call us on 07375 554760 or email us on contact@thepestcompany.com

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