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Our highly professional staffs ensure to clear the insect problem with a minimum of fuss and at a cost effective price that is local insect control company Scarborough. We provide advice and help you about you insect control related problems.

When we work for you, you can relax because you’re totally protected. Proper investigation reveals the actual source of insect problems and with some proofing that problem is often sorted out permanently that is local insect control company Scarborough.

When an insect chooses to infest your property, it can be both stressful and damaging. These insect can cause a large amount of disruption and noise by using the runs under your floorboards, a hole in your kitchen. Once you dial our number you will be greeted by our knowledgeable staff, who can immediately advise you regarding your insect problem that is local insect control company Scarborough.

When you contact us, we provide you:

  • Child and pet-friendly methods and products
  • 7 days a week
  • Emergency call outs
  • Guaranteed results

Some of our service includes:

Fly control: It seems strange to say, but flies can actually be quite dangerous. The first objective of limiting the number of flies, so the numbers do not increase, There are some pretty obvious things you can do like keeping windows and doors shut as much as possible, or alternatively setting up screens so that you still allow air in. Make sure that any cracks are sealed, though; it’s no good having a big wall and then having holes in it. Once you have done your best to limit the amount of flies that you have to deal with to what is already present, it is time to start getting rid of them. Our staffs help you eliminate fly completely.

Mice control:  Mice are nocturnal creatures, however, so you might not see them during the day at all, meaning that you might only see the signs that they have been there. They also leave dark coloured droppings around the place, and are constantly chewing on things so gnawed furniture, cereal boxes, or any number of other things, most importantly cables, are signs that you have a mouse infestation. The chewing of cables, apart from causing serious damage to your electrical appliances, could lead to a fire which is why this is particularly dangerous. Mice breed very quickly so it is important to get rid of your mouse infestation as soon as you can. To be sure of achieving this properly, it is best to invite a professional to take care of the job, or at least ask them for advice.

Rat control:  A rat infestation is very serious and advice on rat control measures should be taken from a professional. What you can do, however, is keep your home clean.  More specific advice on rat control procedures applicable to your own home can be provided by a professional.

So, for service call us on 07375 554760 or email us on contact@thepestcompany.com.

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