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If you have a pest problem in your home and would like a quick and professional service from a local pest control company, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are the pest company in Oxted. We provide advice and help you about you pest control related problems. Our company have a diverse range of clients who have showed their trust on us that is local pest control company Oxted.

Why you should choose our pest control service?

  • Local and reputable service
  • Quick and reactive response
  • Family business with almost 20years’ experience
  • Professional, trained, friendly & efficient staff
  • Affordable & realistic costs

Routine pest control: Our routine service calls to local businesses are carried out at regular intervals to make sure that places preparing your food are free from cockroaches, mice and other disease carrying ‘intruders’. Keeping village greens and golf courses free from moles is another important part of our routine schedule.

Pest control services in Oxted:

Wasps nest control: Discovering wasps on your property can cause a problem, particularly in the summer when wasp activity is at its highest. Wasp nest treatment is important if the nest poses a significant risk like if it’s located inside your home or another location that you visit regularly, or if someone is allergic to wasp stings.

Signs of a wasp nest

  • Hearing buzzing or humming
  • Seeing an unusually high number of wasps around the home and garden

Cockroach control: Cockroaches are nocturnal insects and avoid daylight by hiding in cracks, under floorboards or behind appliances and cupboards which makes them difficult to deal with without professional pest control solutions. This insect can contribute to the spread of diseases including Salmonella, Dysentery and Gasto-enteritis. This pest poses a significant health risk as they can affect allergies and contaminate food products in commercial food businesses or domestic kitchens. Our pest control specialists will also offer practical advice on proofing your property to help prevent any future cockroach infestations.

Signs of a cockroach infestation

  • Seeing live insects
    • Shed skins and egg casings
    • Cockroach droppings

Rat and rodent control: Rodents make up the largest group of known mammal species in the world. Typically characterised by their small bodies and long tails, rodents are known to have sharp incisor teeth and constantly gnaw to prevent their teeth from getting too long.

Dealing with a small infestation yourself can be effective but you may only notice pest activity when the infestation is already large and difficult to treat. Because of the damage rats, bees, mice can cause is always best to seek professional advice and their service. Our qualified pest controllers are experts in what they do and can help provide advice on pest proofing and preventing re-infestation once a treatment plan has been outlined.

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