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There are many different pests in South Shields. They cause us a problem in our homes and businesses including wasps, clothes moth, bedbugs, fleas plus much more. The pest company professionals can control many pests and can provide you with solutions to help prevent them in the future.

Our company have years of combined experience in pest industry from domestic to commercial areas that is local pest control company South Shields. Therefore using trained personnel to carry out the pest control reduces the chance of any associated risks that is local pest control company South Shields. If you have any indications of any pest problems it is always best to consult a professional for several reasons, here are some of the many reasons including; reducing the likely chance of pests returning in the future, danger from stings if a wasp nest is treated without adequate knowledge that is local pest control company South Shields.

Some of our pest control services are:

Moles control: Moles are considered a pest control issue because of the tunnels they dig, causing significant damage to grass, plants, lawns, flowers and even fairways and sports grounds.

Signs of mole infestation:

  • The appearance of molehills- fresh mounds of earth noticeable on lawns and grass
  • Distinctive raised ridges caused by mole tunnelling
  • Problems with growing crops and flowering plants due to tunnelling disturbing roots
  • Stones and other debris on the surface of lawns

How you can get rid of moles?

 Removing a mole infestation on your property needs to be done by a professional pest controller to ensure the problem is dealt with effectively and efficiently. It’s important that you seek treatment immediately after identifying a mole problem as moles can tunnel up to 4 metres an hour and create extensive burrow systems, making them harder to control.

Woodworm control: woodworm are not actually worms at all; rather it is the generic name for the larva of certain species of beetles. These larvae are small, wriggly and white, similar to maggots but slightly bigger with a curved “C-shaped” body.

Signs of woodworm infestation:

  1. Fine, powdery dust around these holes
  2. Crumbly edges to boards and joists

Treatments of woodworm: The most common treatment process in our experience will usually involve the cleaning down of affected timbers and the dual application of specialist treatment fluids and gels.

Wasp control: Discovering wasps on your property can cause a problem, particularly in the summer when wasp activity is at its highest. A high number of wasps around your home or garden usually indicate that there is a wasp nest nearby.

Signs of Wasps infestation:

  • Seeing an unusually high number of wasps around the home and garden
  • Visible structure somewhere on the property- wasp nests are papery and made of chewed wood pulp.

It’s always advisable to contact a professional when it comes to handling a pest control issue. Call us for the service today.

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