Local rat & mice, rodent control company Farnham

The Pest Company, a local family run business have been dealing with rat, mice and rodent infestation problems for both commercial and domestic customers.

If you’ve got rodents, rats, mice, wasps, fleas, bees, ants cause you problems. We can help you.

Choose us because our highly trained operators have access to a wide range of different pest control solutions and a specialised laboratory to help us diagnose those really rare pests that occasionally pop up and give us on the spot advice. We’ve had the pleasure of helping thousands of customers in Farnham with their Pest Control problems, and we know this is why people refer to us as the leading local rat & mice, rodent control company Farnham can offer. So whether it’s your house, your garden, your farm, your football pitch, your golf course, your bowls lawn, your cricket pitch or even your own private runway that’s being affected, by now you’ll realise that your pest problems are in safe hands with us.

When you call us, you’ll get….

  • A quick response
  • A free no obligation quote

The battle against household pests such as rat and mice can be a frustrating, challenging problem. Rather than spending your time worrying about when the next bug or insect is going to make an appearance, give us a call. Our pest company experts are specifically trained to eliminate pests. Start protecting your family now with one of our proven service packages.

Some of our services include:

Mice and rodent control- Our trained professionals can eradicate all mice and rodent in Farnham. We offer a fast, efficient &professional service covering domestic and commercial properties throughout Farnham.

Bed Bug control: we are the Bed Bug Control Experts and can have your bedrooms back in a habitable state quickly and effectively.

Flea control: With Just One Visit We Will Eradicate All Fleas in your Home.

Commercial pest control service:  At commercial areas, we conduct a wide-ranging assessment and give additional attention to all entry points, water sources, food sources, and common areas. We communicate with employees in the building to get accurate information on pest sightings and evidence to prevent infestations and control existing pest problems. When you need dependable support, choose the best local rat & mice, rodent control company Farnham can offer.

So, if you want your area free from rat or mice infestation, call us for the pest control service.

So, visit The Pest Company which is your best local rat & mice, rodent control company in Farnham or give us a call on  0800 1300 434. You can also reach us via our email at timgreen@thepestcompany.com.

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