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We are one of the leading pest control company in Leeds. We are the Pest Company, serving in this pest control field for many years. We all know that when a rodent chooses to infest your property, it can be both stressful and damaging. These rodents can cause a large amount of disruption and noise by using the runs under your floorboards, a hole in your kitchen. As we all know pests don’t take weekends off, so if you need our service, we are the company you should call and rely on that is local rat & mice, rodent control company Leeds. Our pest service company works for domestic, commercial as well as industrial clients. We have many years of experience in clearing pest infestation especially in schools, offices, kitchens that is local rat & mice, rodent control company Leeds.

We also know that pest; insect problem can arise at any point of time whether it is day or night. So, if you require an emergency service at any time of day or night, call us. Once you dial our number you will be greeted by our knowledgeable staff, who can immediately advise you regarding your rodent problem that is local rat & mice, rodent control company Leeds. Along with the advice, they will be able to provide you with free quote over the phone for your rat infestation service in Leeds.

The signs you notice when a rat or mice infestation has occurred:

  • You may see one or more rat in your house
  • Banana shaped droppings in your area
  • A distinctive ammonia smell particularly in enclosed areas
  • Find burrows in warm hidden places
  • Observe damage to almost any type of material as rats have teeth which means that they gnaw continuously
  • Damaged food containers or packaging
  • Scratching noises as rats scurry around

How does rat and mice infestation occur?

Rats, mice are a type of creature who lives in a colony. Rats are very much successful at colonising in the availability of food, water, shelter. They take up residence in food outlets that is local rat & mice, rodent control company Leeds. Once they have become established in human environment, they contaminate food with droppings, urine that is local rat & mice, rodent control company Leeds. Rats also causes damage to the buildings by gnawing and burrowing that local rat & mice, rodent control company Leeds. Mice and rats gnaw constantly as their teeth grow aggressively throughout their lives. This gnawing is often destructive to pipe work, electrical cables and actual buildings, causing fire, flood and large repair bills.

Before you avail our service, all of our charges related to the service are fully explained during the preparation stage, so that you don’t need to worry about the hidden cost. So, to avail our service, you may contact us. We assure our client that we provide a very cost effective service.

To contact, call us on 07375 554760 or email us on

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