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We provide high quality wasp nest removal services that are tailored to your specific requirement, a feature that has seen us classed as the best local wasp nest removal specialist company Cambridge can provide. We provide our service in Cambridge and its surrounding areas. Our friendly and courteous staffs are always ready to help you.


If you’re looking for the most affordable local wasp nest removal specialist company Cambridge can offer, we can assist you. As professional pest controllers, when it comes to protecting you against wasp related problems we know that your time, and more importantly, your safety is important and as such we take great effort to ensure our dedicated team at  The Pest Company makes every effort to satisfy our valued customer, which is why we’re the finest local wasp nest removal specialist company Cambridge can offer.

Wasps: Wasps are probably one of the most familiar and generally feared groups of insects. They belong to the order of insects called Hymenoptera which also includes bees and ants. Most of these have stings which mainly used against other insects but can be turned against man with unpleasant results.

Indication of wasp infestation in your property: If you see wasps entering & leaving a hole in the ground, a wall, roof or any other part of a building between May & November then you probably have a wasp nest. You may be getting ‘unexplained’ wasps inside a room which may indicate a nest nearby. In the autumn as the days get shorter wasps get attracted to lights inside building which they confuse with sunrise. Some species of wasps will build outside in bushes and trees.

Where do wasp build nest?

  • Wall cavities
  • Roof spaces, lofts and attics
  • Under eaves
  • Garages, sheds and outbuildings
  • In trees or bushes

How to get rid of wasp nest from your property?

Wasp defends their home and can become aggressive if they feel threatened.Wasps will usually only attack a human under what they perceive as threatening circumstances, but a wasp sting contains a pheromone that will alert other nearby wasps to their distress and could result in a much larger wasp attack. Behaviours such as swatting at a wasp or attempting to hit or knock a wasp nest down will almost certainly be seen as a threat and lead to a painful sting. It’s always advisable to contact a professional when it comes to handling a wasp pest control issue.

Wasp treatment:

We treat the nest or the entrance of the nest using an insecticide. This is a modern biodegradable insecticide that is not highly toxic to mammals, but is extremely so to the hymenopterous group of insects (Wasps, Bees and Ants).

So, visit The Pest Company which is your best local wasp nest removal specialist company in Cambridge or give us a call on 07375 064317. You can also reach us via our email at richardmiles@thepestcompany.com.

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