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Welcome to the Pest Company. We provide wasp nest removal service in Cambridge and its surrounding areas. Our qualified, local technicians are on call 7 days a week throughout Cambridge to keep your home and business protected from wasps that is local wasp nest removal specialist company Cambridge.

We have a wide customer base, from domestic households to estates, schools and have acquired many loyal and satisfied customers and contract clients that is local wasp nest removal specialist company Cambridge.

Why you should choose a professional pest control company?

  • Our professionals will use techniques which will prevent damage, contamination and exposure to you, your employees, your family and pets.
  • They will advise you on how to ensure that there is no reoccurrence of wasp in your property and provide a written report of control that is local wasp nest removal specialist company Cambridge.
  • A professional technician will know the species of your pest problem from experience. After inspecting your property they will find the extent and cause of your pest problem fast.
  • Our highly trained personnel have the wasp nest removal training and certification to use all the most effective and efficient controlled substances permissible under the control of pesticide regulations, should such treatment be necessary.
  • They can safely administer the most suitable procedure for eliminating your pest problem that is local wasp nest removal specialist company Cambridge.

Wasps: Wasps are probably one of the most familiar and generally feared groups of insects. They belong to the order of insects called Hymenoptera which also includes bees and ants. Most of these have sting with unpleasant results.

Common types of wasps found in Cambridge:

  1. German Wasp (Grey nest)
  2. Tree Wasp, Very aggressive not common
  3. Norwegian Wasp, Not found in southern England.
  4. Cuckoo Wasp
  5. Hornet

Why is wasp nest removal necessary?

Wasps build their nests in a variety of places, often choosing sunny spots. Nests are commonly located in holes underground, along riverbanks or small hillocks, attached to the side of walls, trees or plants, or underneath floors or eaves of houses. Wasp nests are most easily found on sunny days at dawn or dusk as the low light levels make it easier to spot the wasps flying in and out of their nests. Wasp nests found in dangerous places (such as in houses or in commonly used public spaces) should be reported to the local council or pest control service for removal as wasps will attack and sting humans, particularly if threatened, so care should be taken around wasps and their nests. Individuals react differently to the stings, some are hardly affected, others may suffer redness and swelling and in rare cases, serious allergic reactions can occur resulting in death caused by anaphylactic shock.

So, for the removal of wasp nest call us today.

To contact, call us on 07375 064317 or email us on richardmiles@thepestcompany.com.

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