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Our company “the pest company” have years of combined experience in wasp nest removal. We provide our service from domestic to commercial area that is local wasp nest removal specialist company Wickford. Therefore using trained personnel to carry out the wasp nest removal reduces the chance of any associated risks that is local wasp nest removal specialist company Wickford. If you have any indications of any wasp related problems it is always best to consult a professional for several reasons, here are some of the many reasons including; reducing the likely chance of wasp returning in the future, and danger from stings if a wasp nest is treated without adequate knowledge that is local wasp nest removal specialist company Wickford. At some point most home owners and office owners can experience wasp infestation problem. The pest company can help you with them all. Our highly trained and discreet technicians will help solve whatever wasp related problem you’re dealing with swiftly, effectively and affordably.

Reasons to choose the Pest Company:

Wasps: Wasps are probably one of the most familiar and generally feared groups of insects. They belong to the order of insects called Hymenoptera which also includes bees and ants. Most of these posses stings which mainly used against other insects but can be turned against man with unpleasant results.

Indication of wasp infestation in your property: If you see wasps entering & leaving a hole in the ground, a wall, roof or any other part of a building between May & November then you probably have a wasp nest. You may be getting ‘unexplained’ wasps inside a room which may indicate a nest nearby. In the autumn as the days get shorter wasps get attracted to lights inside building which they confuse with sunrise. Some species of wasps will build outside in bushes and trees.

Wasp nest removal: It seems to be common sense to remove the wasp nest after treatment but the removal of a wasp nest is not necessary. Firstly if a nest was removed as soon as the treatment was carried out then the wasps that were out foraging would return, find no nest & attempt to rebuild the wasp nest. When they return & find a treated nest they either get contaminated by the product we use or exhaust themselves by flying around the nest in a state of panic. They only attempt to rebuild the nest if it isn’t there. Secondly a wasp nest can never be re used. So if you want to remove the wasp nest then we recommend you wait at least 4 weeks before doing so. In a lot of cases the wasp nest is not accessible.

So for a guaranteed wasp nest removal, call us today.

To contact, call us on 0800 0834 383 or email us on darrin@thepestcompany.com.

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