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Our highly professional staffs at the pest company ensure to remove wasp nest problem with a minimum of fuss and at a cost-effective price, you should choose the finest local wasp nest removal specialist company Wokingham can offer. For complete confidence, choose the leading local wasp nest removal specialist company Wokingham can offer. When we work for you, you can relax because you’re totally protected. Proper investigation reveals the actual source of wasp problems and with removalof wasp nest the problem is often sorted out permanently.  Everything our experienced and friendly operators do for you is insured and guaranteed by the finest local wasp nest removal specialist company Wokingham can offer.

Reasons to choose the Pest Company:

Contract customers are entitled to free call-outs for problems occurring between regular inspections

Proven experience in the industry for nearly 20 years.

Highly trained professional staff

Award winning customer service

Preventing pests for nearly 20 years in areas such as:

Offices and retail premises

Warehouses and industrial units

Residential blocks and dwellings

Empty properties and construction sites

Education and community centres

Sports grounds and leisure facilities

Wasps: Wasps are probably one of the most familiar and generally feared groups of insects. They belong to the order of insects called Hymenoptera which also includes bees and ants. Most of these have stings which mainly used against other insects but can be turned against man with unpleasant results.

Signs of wasp nest:

Hearing buzzing or humming

Seeing an unusually high number of wasps around the home and garden

Visible structure somewhere on the property- wasp nests are papery and made of chewed wood pulp

The wasp build nest in areas such as: The Queen wasp starts to build a nest in the spring. Wasps like to build their nests in sheltered spots with easy outdoor access.

  • Wall cavities
  • Roof spaces, lofts and attics
  • Under eaves

Damage caused by wasps: Wasps can build nests in many different places from under eaves and sheltered areas inside your home these include wall cavities, roof spaces as well as lofts, sheds, bushes and even holes in the ground damaging the property. Only female wasps have a sting, which can be used repeatedly when threatened. More often than not, a wasp sting causes no long-term harm but it could be life-threatening if you are allergic to them. There are several ways of dealing with wasps; the most effective way to control a wasp problem and reduce the threat of stings is by dealing with the nest directly.

So, visit The Pest Company which is your best local wasp nest removal specialist company in Wokingham  or give us a call on 07950 481147. You can also reach us via our email at elliotnesbitt@thepestcompany.com.

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