Mice Epsom

The Pest Company offers a professional pest management system for controlling mice in Epsom and the surrounding areas.

The Pest Company Epsom team offer a wide range of control methods to effectively manage and eliminate a Mice infestation these include:

  • Baiting programmes
  • Mechanical traps and/or glue boards
  • Proofing measures to prevent access
  • Monitoring programmes to provide early rodent detection

The house mouse is very well adapted for living in homes, factories, farm buildings in fact anywhere there is a source of food. Once mice become established they are very hard to control. Mice are more common and cause considerably more damage than the more feared Rat.

Mice will produce six to ten litters throughout the year. Mice will cause considerable contamination to food, books, clothing, wiring, furniture, and many other household items by their droppings, urine and gnawing. The house mice will gnaw through electrical wiring which can cause failure of electrical goods including freezers, computers and other appliances even resulting in fire.

Contact The Pest Company is you discover mice are a problem in your home or a threat to your business. The most obvious signs of mice are droppings and sounds of them running, gnawing or squeaking and damage to stored food or materials for nesting.

Phone 0808 155 2770 if you have a problem with mice in Epsom.

If you have a problem with mice at your property in Epsom, then contact The Pest Company for the solution to your problem.

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