Mice Sutton

Contact The Pest Company on 0808 155 2770 if you have a problem with mice in Sutton.

Tell-tale signs of a mouse problem at your property or business include the following:

  • You may well see the odd mouse scurrying around the place
  • You may find clusters of small, dark coloured droppings particularly around areas of high mouse activity
  • There could be a strong ammonia smell in certain places as mice urinate frequently
  • You may well hear scratching and other noises in and around cavities as the mice move around
  • You may discover damage to items such as wood, food containers or packaging, cables, plastic etc. as mice need to gnaw as they have teeth that grow continuously
  • You may even discover nests made of shredded materials containing young mice in quiet areas of your property
  • Mice breed rapidly, so at the first sign of a mouse problem in Sutton or the surrounding areas, contact The Pest Company for the solution to your problem.
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