Rats Sutton

The Pest Company offers a professional rat control service in Sutton and the surrounding areas.

To contact our team in Sutton phone 0808 155 2770.

You may notice some or all of the following

  • You may see a rat happily going about its business
  • Dark sausage shaped droppings about 1-2cm long
  • A distinctive ammonia smell particularly in enclosed areas
  • Find nests or burrows in warm hidden places
  • Find evidence of shredded material used to build a nest
  • Observe damage to almost any type of material as rats have teeth that grow continuously which they means that they also gnaw continuously
  • Ripped or damaged food containers or packaging
  • Scratching noises as the rats scurry around

Rats breed rapidly, so at the first sign of a rat problem in Sutton call the experts on 0808 155 2770.

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