Rodents, Rats & Mice Control & Removal

Rats and mice can be found in domestic and commercial premises. Rats and mice carry obvious health risks from their droppings and constant incontinence.

They often cause electrical fires by gnawing on plastic electrical junction boxes. Rats and mice must by nature routinely gnaw on hard objects to cut back their constantly growing incisor teeth.

Where do the rats / mice … live and breed?

They live in drains, under concrete, in beneath floors and in rubbish areas, kitchens, roof voids and other areas where a potential food and moisture source is available.

Rats and mice often become a serious problem in cold winter months (they come in from the cold), or excavation work disturbs there in ground nesting locations, or their food source is changed, such as, rats feeding in school premises may enter adjoining properties during the school holidays.

Rats are most often a problem where your property is located near rivers/waterways, and canals or other places where ready water supply is available.


Professional knowledge of the rodent’s habits is essential to eradicate a problem, for example, rats avoid bait touched by human hand – they have an acute sense of smell “cunning as a rat”.

Pest control options may include the use of bait, sticky boards or electronic devices. Link to Product Page. Any rat baiting should use tamper resistent boxes placed in safe areas away from children and pets. We always use the latest and most successful baits – proven to work, today, however, we are relying more and more on electronic methods which are designed to drive the rodent away from the premises without having to kill it. This eliminates the risk of rotting carcasses in wall cavities etc. The device is called “Pest Free”, please see our products page for more details.

Rodent proofing: As a preventive measure, we recommend that all potential rodent entry points into the building be sealed to physically exclude rats and mice from entering the building. In some cases, this can be carried out by the home owner or a handy man. In more complicated domestic and commercial environments, the pest controller provides a quotation and specifications for rodent proofing of the premises. Please note: all such blocking of entry points should be done after the treatment and once the rodents have been successfully eradicated. The Pest Company will not be held responsible if holes are blocked during or before the treatment is finalised.

Good Housekeeping: Rodent pests thrive where food and water is readily available. All food stuffs should be kept in sealed containers or rooms. Rubbish should be similarly stored. Water and food bowls for the pets or otherwise should not be left out at night as this will encourage a rodent infestation in the building.

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