Squirrels Reigate

Squirrels are a common pest in Reigate.

Once inside they chew woodwork, strip insulation from electrical wiring and water pipes, tear up fibreglass insulation and, occasionally, drown in water tanks.

Although mainly resident in parks and woodland, if a squirrel enters the roof space of your property in Reigate you need a visit from The Pest Company. Contact us at 0808 155 2770.

Physically blocking gaps and entry holes with wire mesh is the best answer but only after the squirrel has been removed. Various types of trap are available to catch squirrels as is a poison based on warfarin, but only to professional technicians. The release of grey squirrels caught in cage traps is illegal.

For any squirrel problem in Reigate contact 0808 155 2770.

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