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To keep your property free from the infestation of insects such as woodworm one need woodworm control service. We at The Pest Company, provide tailor-made woodworm control services dependent on your circumstances and budget that is woodworm treatment company Cambridge. From individual visits to long-term contracts, we are confident that we can provide you with a service at a highly competitive price that is woodworm treatment company Cambridge. Based locally, we are able to beat any call-out time of the major pest control companies that is woodworm treatment company Cambridge.

Woodworm: woodworm are not actually worms at all; rather it is the generic name for the larva of certain species of beetles. These larvae are small, wriggly and white, similar to maggots but slightly bigger with a curved “C-shaped” body. However, it is very rare that you will ever see a woodworm larva, as they tend to stay burrowed in timber until they emerge as a fully grown beetle.

The life cycle of woodworm as they undergo their transformation into an adult, the life cycle of woodworm is as follows:

  1. The adult beetle lays its eggs in crevices and open joints in wood.
  2. Larval grub spends years chewing through the wood feeding on cellulose and leaving it structurally weakened in the process.
  3. Larva forms pupation chamber near the surface where it will transform into a beetle.
  4. The adult beetle bores out of wood, mates and finds a wooden surface to begin the process all over again.

What cause woodworm infestation?

Wood-boring beetles in homes and commercial properties are usually drawn to damp timber caused by leaks or high relative humidity caused by inadequate ventilation. The common furniture beetle can be found in soft and hardwoods, but in almost every instance the wood will be damp and unvarnished.

Signs of woodworm infestation are:

  • Tunnels – Where the larvae has munched through the timber
  • Cracking timber – Damage caused by the tunneling
  • Emerging beetles – In the summer beetles leave to mate
  • Dead beetles – Adult beetles have short lives and will die near to where they emerged

Woodworm infestation in furniture: If the furniture has already reached the point where the woodworm have caused it to become crumbly or make a cracking noise when you lift it up then we would suggest that it is beyond the point of repair and the best course of action would be to dispose of the furniture in a tip where the beetles wouldn’t have the chance to afflict other parts of your home.

Woodworm infestation in floorboards: it is difficult to identify the extent of the infestation given that woodworm larvae can live for up to six years tunneling through your floorboards and structural timber. If the infestation is serious then your floorboards could become structurally compromised and you will need to replace them.

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