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We the pest company we ensure to clear the insects such as woodworm problem with a minimum of fuss and at a cost effective price that is woodworm treatments company Hitchin. We provide advice and help you about woodworm control related problems. Our company have a diverse range of clients who have showed their trust on us that is woodworm treatment Company Hitchin. When we work for you, you can relax because you’re totally protected. Proper investigation reveals the actual source of woodworm problems and with some proofing that the problem is often sorted out permanently. Everything our experienced and friendly operators do for you is insured and guaranteed that is woodworm treatments Company Hitchin.

Reasons to choose the Pest Company:

  • Cost effective service

What is woodworm?

Woodworm is the general name given to insects that attack timbers. There are a variety of different insects, each preferring a different type and condition of wood and each able to cause varying levels of damage. Woodworm usually enters your property by flying in, or from other timber that has already been infested. Once Woodworm has gained access it can cause structural damage and irreversible loss.

How do woods get infested by woodworms?

Wood can be infected with eggs or larvae without it being noticeable, and you may not discover a woodworm infestation for several years. They all invade your home and consume wood and then leave when they have reached maturity to find a partner, mate, and then lay eggs onto timber to start the whole process off again that is woodworm treatments company Hitchin.

What our professional staffs do to get rid of Woodworm?

  • Supply you with a competitive service so that you can get rid of woodworm from your home.
  • Determine whether the infestation is still active or on.
  • Identify what type of woodworm you have in your property.
  • Work out on how the process needs to be treated.

How do you know if you have a current woodworm infestation?

One of the most obvious signs of woodworm is of course the tiny holes in the wood.  If you notice a hole where you know there wasn’t one previously then of course this is an indication that it is a current problem, however if you find them in an old piece of wood then they might be gone already. In this situation it is best to be safe and call for expert advice.

Woodworm treatments: The best woodworm treatment will depend on the seriousness of the infestation.  If the woodworm has not spread very far or done very much damage then use of organic product on the wood may be sufficient.  If a faster technique is required then fumigation may be needed.

So, if you want woodworm treatment in your property, call us.

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