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Woodworm is the general name given to insects that attack timbers. There are a variety of different insects, each preferring a different type and condition of wood and each able to cause varying levels of damage. If left untreated, a woodworm infestation can weaken any timber area in your home which can lead to expensive structural issues.

The pest company provides woodworm treatment services that aim to remove woodworm from a property entirely that is woodworm treatments company Leeds. With almost 20 years of experience, we have been providing friendly and efficient woodworm control services to domestic and commercial a customer that is woodworm treatments company Leeds. We are approved by all local authorities and have a whole host of references from past customers who were delighted by our honest advice and top quality service that is woodworm treatments company Leeds. You will also find our rates are extremely competitive compared to other larger companies. If you do not see your area covered above please call us to discuss. When we remove pests, we will make all possible efforts to ensure that the pests will not re-infest in the future that is woodworm treatment company Leeds.

Woodworm: Woodworm refers to the larvae of any wood-boring beetle, rather than one particular species. In Leeds, the most common species found is the Common Furniture Beetle.

What are the signs that help you to spot a woodworm infestation?

One of the most obvious signs of woodworm is of course the tiny holes in the wood.  If you notice a hole where you know there wasn’t one previously then of course this is an indication that it is a current problem, however if you find them in an old piece of wood then they might be gone already.

The other signs include:

  • Wood Boring Beetles – Something that not everyone knows is that “woodworm” is actually just the collective name for wood boring beetles while they are in their larval stage.  That is actually the state in which they live the majority of their life, which can be several years, but when they are ready to breed they turn in to adult beetles and that is when they burrow out of the wood to find a mate.  If you find little wood boring beetles on your property, therefore, that is a definite indication of an active infestation.
  • Dampness – Woodworm need to get their water from the wood itself so if it is bone dry then it may be that the infestation will have now disappeared, whereas if it is damp at all then it is very probable that it is still an active infestation.

Treatments required for woodworm:
If the woodworm have already compromised the integrity of the wood to a great extent then it may be necessary to dispose of it and replace it with fresh wood. At the Pest Company our technicians are expert at making these determinations and will know the best course of action to take in your situation.

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