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To keep your property free from the infestation of insects such as woodworm one need woodworm control service. We at The Pest Company, provide tailor-made woodworm control services dependent on your circumstances and budget that is woodworm treatment company Letchworth. From individual visits to long-term contracts, we are confident that we can provide you with a service at a highly competitive price that is woodworm treatment company Letchworth.

Woodworm: woodworm are not actually worms at all; rather it is the generic name for the larva of certain species of beetles. These larvae are small, wriggly and white, similar to maggots but slightly bigger with a curved “C-shaped” body. However, it is very rare that you will ever see a woodworm larva, as they tend to stay burrowed in timber until they emerge as a fully grown beetle.

The life cycle of woodworm as they undergo their transformation into an adult, the life cycle of woodworm is as follows:

  1. The adult beetle lays its eggs in crevices and open joints in wood
  2. Larval grub spends years chewing through the wood feeding on cellulose and leaving it structurally weakened in the process
  3. Larva forms pupation chamber near the surface where it will transform into a beetle
  4. The adult beetle bores out of wood, mates and finds a wooden surface to begin the process all over again

Woodworm infestation: Woodworm is one of the most common causes of damage in timber framed buildings and it can have serious structural effects if left untreated. Anobium Punctatum, which is “the common furniture beetle”, is the main perpetrator of woodworm damage in the Letchworth and leaves some easily spotted signs of its activity. However, it is possible to miss an active woodworm infestation in hidden, humid, areas of a home or commercial property such as under floorboards or in lofts.

How does woodworm infest properties?

Woodworm in homes and commercial properties are usually drawn to damp timber caused by leaks or high relative humidity caused by inadequate ventilation. Woodworm live on the forest floor and their larvae feed on decaying wood from trees. This means the conditions inside occupied properties are generally unsuitable for common furniture beetles to lay their eggs as they require a fairly specific environment to complete their lifecycle. The common furniture beetle can be found in soft and hardwoods, but in almost every instance the wood will be damp and unvarnished. This makes the wood similar to what they would find in their natural habitat, simple to lay eggs into and easy for the larvae to feed.

 Our treatment includes:

  • A survey by a local industry accredited surveyor to locate the infestation, determine whether it is active or not and identify accurately the species involved.
  • Once an active woodworm infestation has been positively identified we offer woodworm treatment solutions that can be used on either bare wood OR painted or varnished wood.

So, if you are suffering from woodworm infestation in your property, call us today.

To contact, call us on 07375 064317 or email us on richardmiles@thepestcompany.com.

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