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A woodworm infestation can cause a huge damage to your property. If you have any signs of any woodworm problems it is always best to consult a professional for several reasons, here are reasons such as reducing the likely chance of woodworm returning in the future.

At The Pest Company, our aim is to provide the customer with environmentally friendly effective & safe pest control. You will also find our rates are extremely competitive compared to other larger companies. If you do not see your area covered above please call us to discuss. We may still be able to help by putting you in touch with another pest controller that is Woodworm treatments company Northallerton. When we remove pests, we will make all possible efforts to ensure that the pests will not re-infest in the future that is woodworm treatment company Northallerton. The combination of the local knowledge and the professional woodworm treatment service is our secret ingredient that has made us one of the leading woodworm control company that is woodworm treatment company Northallerton. This is what has helped us build a great reputation as a reliable company.

Woodworm: woodworm are not actually worms at all; rather it is the generic name for the larva of certain species of beetles. These larvae are small, wriggly and white, similar to maggots but slightly bigger with a curved “C-shaped” body.

How does woodworm infestation occur?

Wood-boring beetles in homes and commercial properties are usually drawn to damp timber caused by leaks or high relative humidity caused by inadequate ventilation. The common furniture beetle can be found in soft and hardwoods.

Woodworm infestation in floorboards: it is difficult to identify the extent of the infestation given that woodworm larvae can live for up to six years tunneling through your floorboards and structural timber. If the infestation is serious then your floorboards could become structurally compromised and you will need to replace them.

Indications to understand whether woodworm infestation has occurred or not:

  • Dampness – Woodworm need to get their water from the wood itself so if it is bone dry then it may be that the infestation will have now disappeared, whereas if it is damp at all then it is very probable that it is still an active infestation.
  • Bore Dust – This is direct evidence of a current infestation. When the woodworm burrows through the wood it creates frass, little bits of dust from the wood.  If you find little piles of it beneath the wood or around any holes in the wood then you can be sure that it is an active infestation.

What our professional staffs do to get rid of Woodworm?

  • Supply you with a competitive service so that you can get rid of woodworm from your home.
  • Identify what type of woodworm you have in your property.
  • Work out on how the process needs to be treated.

So, to get rid of woodworm in your property, you can call us or you can visit our company.

To contact, call us on 07375 554760 or email us on contact@thepestcompany.com.

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