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Are you looking for a reputed woodworm treatment company? We are the Pest Company. Our woodworm control company have 20 years of experience in this industry. The pest company Saffron Walden has a reputation for high-quality services that are tailored to your exact requirements. Whether you need to remove woodworm our pest control teams provide a fast and efficient solution that is woodworm treatments company Saffron Walden.

  To protect your property from woodworm, you need woodworm treatment service that is woodworm treatments company Saffron Walden.

With offices situated in and around the area, we are able to offer swift and safe woodworm treatment in Saffron Walden- at your convenience through the use of highly effective methods we can achieve far superior and much longer-lasting result.

We provide expert surveys to diagnose the problem and determine if the infestation is active or not, and if necessary, professional treatments specially designed to purge your property of woodworm with the minimum of fuss.


Woodworm refers to the larvae of any wood-boring beetle, rather than one particular species. The most common species found is the Common Furniture Beetle They all invade your home and consume wood and then leave when they have reached maturity to find a partner, mate, and then lay eggs onto timber to start the whole process off again. Wood can be infected with eggs or larvae without it being noticeable, and you may not discover a woodworm infestation for several years.

If you want to know what a woodworm infestation looks like and whether you have on in your home then we would advise that you check your timbers. Signs of a woodworm infestation can be found anywhere there is timber in the home.

 Signs of woodworm infestation are:

  • Exit holes – Where the adult beetle has escaped
  • Tunnels – Where the larvae has munched through the timber
  • Cracking timber – Damage caused by the tunneling
  • Emerging beetles – In the summer beetle leave to mate

The different phases of woodworm as they undergo their transformation into an adult, the life cycle of woodworm are as follows:

  1. The adult beetle lays its eggs in crevices and open joints in wood
  2. Larval grub spends years chewing through the wood feeding on cellulose and leaving it structurally weakened in the process
  3. Larva forms pupation chamber near the surface where it will transform into a beetle
  4. The adult beetle bores out of wood, mates and finds a wooden surface to begin the process all over again.

How to get rid of woodworm?

  • A survey by a local industry accredited surveyor to locate the infestation, determine whether it is active or not and identify accurately the species involved.
  • Once an active woodworm infestation has been positively identified we offer woodworm treatment solutions that can be used on either bare wood OR painted or varnished

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