Woodworm treatments company South Shields

The pest company professionals have the experience to protect your property from the issue of woodworm infestation. With almost 20 years of experience, we have been providing friendly and efficient woodworm control services to domestic and commercial a customer that is woodworm treatments company South Shields. We are approved by all local authorities and have a whole host of references from past customers who were delighted by our honest advice and top quality service that is woodworm treatments company South Shields.

Traditional building method combine with a predominant damp, temperate climate cause the South Shields housing to suffer some of the highest level of risk from woodworm. It is considered a good practice in building designs to pre-treat timber with preservatives as a lifetime precaution against woodworm that is woodworm treatment company South Shields.

The woodworm infestation is usually understood by the appearance of holes in the timber that is woodworm treatment company South Shields. The type of infestation depends on the size of the holes present in timber, their shape and the type of the timber.

What is a woodworm infestation?

Woodworm refers to the larvae of any wood-boring beetle, rather than one particular species. In South Shields, the most common species found is the Common Furniture Beetle. Woodworm usually enters your property by flying in, or from other timber that has already been infested. Once Woodworm has gained access it can cause structural damage and irreversible loss.Insects which cause timber infestation consume wood. Besides infesting the furniture and floorboards, they may also devour the structural timber of your property.

The types of woodworm which cause wood infestation are:

  • Common furniture beetle
  • Deathwatch beetle
  • Powder post beetle
  • Wood weevil

Each woodworm have the power to reduce the structural integrity of the timber in your property which can lead to a devastating damage to your property.

Woodworm and its infestation in furniture: The initial attack is made when an adult beetle lays eggs in small cracks on the timber surface. The resulting larvae that hatch will bore into the wood in search of cellulose to feed on. The larva will create a chamber within the wood in which an adult beetle will emerge after metamorphosis. The new adult will continue to tunnel through the wood in an attempt to exit wood, creating a small visible flight hole. The adult will then seek to mate and start the whole process once more. The tunnels and chambers that have been created in this process will lead to decay and weakening of the timbers.

What our professional staffs do to get rid of Woodworm?

  • Determine whether the infestation is still active or on.
  • Identify what type of woodworm you have in your property.
  • Work out on how the process needs to be treated.

Our experts will be able to identify the type of infestation and recommend you the most appropriate cost effective solution to eradicate the woodworm infestation problem.

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