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What is a woodworm and how does woodworm infestation occurs?

Woodworm refers to the larvae of any wood-boring beetle, rather than one particular species. The most common species found is the Common Furniture Beetle.

Woodworm usually enters your property by flying in, or from other timber that has already been infested.

Why you should hire us?

We are The Pest Company in Southend. If you are looking for a reliable woodworm treatment company, you can contact us. We are qualified and capable of dealing with any type of woodworm that have made their way into residential and commercial properties, which is why you should call on the leading woodworm treatments company Southend has to offer. They undergo special training in the use and application of chemical extermination systems and customers can be sure that pest chemicals will be handled properly and used accordingly, and this is why we’re seen as the leading woodworm treatments company Southend has to offer. Our friendly and professional technicians know exactly how to solve even the most challenging or unpleasant woodworm problem. When you choose us you can rest assured that you will be working with a professional, proactive and effective team, and all the team at the leading woodworm treatments company Southend has to offer, looks forward to helping you.

How do you know if you have a woodworm infestation and need woodworm treatment?

These are some indications by which you can understand if a woodworm infestation has occurred or not:

Small round holes in your woodwork, similar to the holes in a dart board. Fine, powdery dust around these holes (this is known as frass). Crumbly edges to boards. Adult beetles emerging from the holes or present around the house. Even if you can’t see any holes, you might also find frass escaping from the back or underside of old furniture. Again this suggests active woodworm. 

Woodworm effects timber: Timbers in our properties are under constant threat of attack from insects, fungi or both. Floorboards, roof joists, skirting boards and door frames can all be affected by infestation or woodworm and if left untreated an attack can have devastating consequences on a building. This is why you need help from the best woodworm treatments company Southend can offer.

Woodworm treatment for your property: We use many different treatments for woodworm infestation. Certain species respond to light applications of wood preservative whilst larger more penetrative beetles require the application of thicker deep treatment paste and injection.

So, visit The Pest Company which is your best woodworm treatments company in Southend or give us a call on 0800 0834 383. You can also reach us via our email at darrin@thepestcompany.com.

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