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A woodworm infestation can cause a huge damage to your property. If you have any signs of any woodworm problems it is always best to consult a professional for several reasons, here are reasons such as reducing the likely chance of woodworm returning in the future.

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How does woodworm infestation occur?

Wood-boring beetles in homes and commercial properties are usually drawn to damp timber caused by leaks or high relative humidity caused by inadequate ventilation. The common furniture beetle can be found in soft and hardwoods.

Some types of woodworm:

Common furniture beetle (Anobium Punctatum): This is the most common of all insect that attack the seasoned timber. Adult common furniture beetle can reach between 3mm to 5mm long timber. They can be found on and around damaged timber.

Deathwatch Beetle (Xestobium  Rufobillosum): Deathwatch beetle can reach between 6mm and 9mm long timber. They can be found on or beneath the timber.

How do you know if you have a current woodworm infestation?

One of the most obvious signs of woodworm is of course the tiny holes in the wood.  If you notice a hole where you know there wasn’t one previously then of course this is an indication that it is a current problem, however if you find them in an old piece of wood then they might be gone already. In this situation it is best to be safe and call for expert advice.

Woodworm infestation in furniture: If the furniture has already reached the point where the woodworm have caused it to become crumbly or make a cracking noise when you lift it up then we would suggest that it is beyond the point of repair and the best course of action would be to dispose of the furniture in a tip where the beetles wouldn’t have the chance to afflict other parts of your home.

Woodworm infestation in floorboards: It is difficult to identify the extent of the infestation given that woodworm larvae can live for up to six years tunneling through your floorboards and structural timber. If the infestation is serious then your floorboards could become structurally compromised and you will need to replace them.

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