Every business owner has a responsibility to employees and customer to keep their premises well-maintained and ‘habitable’, free from hazards and dangers that could cause personal injury. Under this broad banner, pests are included.

If customers cannot make it safely into your premises, dodging swarming wasps for example, they are unlikely to visit. Rabbits that create holes and burrows in your pristine lawn at your country hotel is not the crafted, landscaped look you are wanting to achieve… and neither are cockroaches scurrying through your kitchen or the rats gnawing at the bins.

As a result, making sure your commercial premises are pest free as far as possible, with some of these ‘natural’ pests controlled and managed is essential for so many reasons.

The Pest Control Company works with organisations and businesses of all sizes and type, believing in a three stage approach to helping you:

  1. Prevention – we always offer the best, up-to-date advice on preventing pests becoming an issue in the future. This can be anything from regular contract work, to making simple changes at your property
  2. Eradication – there is no compromise with some pest control issues. For example, cockroaches need eradicating as no kitchen can be hygienic with these insects around.
  3. Control – in some instance, pests outside of your business premises need controlling, such as rabbits, rats, birds and mice. These measures are carried out discreetly so as not to upset staff and customers.

We also offer commercial customers cost-effective contracts to deal with, control and manage long term pest control issues.

But, you need to know that your pest control and prevention needs are being met by the best professional company…

  • Qualified – we hold the ‘industry standard’ certificate, the Level 2 Award in Pest Control and Management. Awarded by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), successful completion of this course allows professional pest control technician the knowledge to deal with all pests (classed as invertebrates and vertebrates) and crucially, the safe transportation, use and storage of professional-grade insecticides and pesticides.
  • Industry leaders – being members of the BPCA means we are up-to-date with all new methods and approaches to control and eradication of pests.
  • Trusted – we are also part of Constructionline, the UK Government’s certification service. Through this service, we can tender for contracts with both public and private sector companies confident on our ability and accreditation
  • Insured and guaranteed – safety of us and you, plus your customers, is of tantamount importance and we take it seriously. All our staff are checked using the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and carry identification. Our work is insured with Public Liability too!
  • Responsive – we also understand that pests are not a 9-5 issue! We can deal with calls outside of ‘normal’ working hours, responding to your call for help in a timely way.
  • Experienced – with over 20 years’ experience in pest control, we have seen it all…

Pest control is not about eradication at all costs. The impact on the environment needs to be considered; risks to public health, as well as any other potential hazards need to be considered too. We use humane and ‘clean’ methods of eradication, believing that no animal should suffer unnecessarily; likewise, ensuring no distress to the public is also essential.

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