If there is a bird, insect, rodent or animal in your home, garden or outbuilding and you do not want it there, then it is a pest. Some smaller scale infestations can be dealt with by you using over-the-counter remedies but, unless used correctly (and the right product used on the right pest!), the infestation will not go away.

It is distressing and worrying to find you have a pest problem; some people feel embarrassed although like most creatures, pests are attracted to cleanliness and ‘nice places’, just as we are, to raise their young.

We believe in offering a first class service to all our customers and back it up with:

  • Guarantees – all our work is guaranteed and if we do not do what we say we will, we will offer to pay another company to complete the job!
  • Insurances – all our work is insured too
  • Prevention advice – we also believe that an integral part of our service is making sure, as far as possible, that this pest problem doesn’t happen again. This could be recommending changes to habits and possibly some parts of your home, or maybe the used of equipment to prevent the pest from returning
  • Products – we use only the best products that we know are tried, tested and safe to sue around domestic properties, where families and pets live and play
  • Survey – before we start any pest control ‘job’, we extensive survey and assess the problem, looking to identify how the pest has gained access, as well as the obvious task in hand of either eradicating the pest all together or controlling it back to acceptable, ‘hidden’ numbers so that it does not encroach on or in to your property

Knowing you have the right company

  • Qualified – all professional pest controllers will need to have completed some form of in-depth training. Here at The Pest Control Company, all staff have completed the Level 2 Award in ‘Pest Control and Management’. This comprehensive qualifications covers the control and eradication of ALL pests, from the smallest insect to unwanted roosting birds – and everything in-between!
  • Up-to-date – pests change as do the methods of treatment and control; we stay abreast of all current developments, ensuring we bring these skills to all appropriate pest control jobs
  • Experienced – with over 20 years’ experience, we have dealt with most pests in most situations and have never failed in finding an effective solution. We have worked with many customers, including domestic customers to large companies and corporations.
  • Service – we believe the service we offer our customers is second-to-none, backed up by a genuine guarantee. We arrive on time, when we say we will and deliver the best possible solution that deals with the pest issue quickly AND effectively
  • Trusted – we understand you need to feel safe and trust the people you are inviting in to your home. We carry identification all the time, which we offer to customers to view and all staff are checked through the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) process
  • Approach – being infested with a nuisance pest is not a pleasant experience for anyone, but some approaches and treatments can look equally as alarming and unpleasant. We used the best and most humane we can to deal with the problem quickly.

Think you have a problem? Not sure? Request a survey today!


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